Veterinary Assistant

Growing up in San Diego, Jordan always had a natural passion for animals and kept as many pets as her parents would allow. By the time she started completing animal-care internships during her schooling, Jordan’s mind was made up—a career in the world of veterinary medicine was her true calling!

Jordan moved to Los Angeles to attend California Polytechnic Institute in Pomona, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in animal health science and completed four separate internships. After serving at a local clinic for a year, she moved back home to San Diego and joined the SeaCoast Veterinary Group team after a former employer referred her to the hospital.

Medically, Jordan enjoys radiography, surgery, drawing blood, and running lab work. Most of all, she loves improving pets’ quality of life in whatever way she can and forming relationships with the area’s animal owners.

Outside of her interests in veterinary medicine, Jordan enjoys playing indoor soccer, going to the gym, attending wine tastings, and horseback riding. She and her fiancé, C.J., live with a pair of dogs named Bailey and Toby, a cat named Frank, and two leopard geckos, Betty and Fluffy.

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